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Shanghai Yile has more than 20 years of sand mill production experience and introduced Swiss sand mill technology. At present, Shanghai Yile has grown into a domestic first-line brand of sand mills! Provide sand mill technology suitable for various refinement requirements, Yile sand mill, nanometer Sander, horizontal sander has the same fineness as imported sander. Shanghai Yile provides incoming grinding to ensure that you will choose the sander that best suits your process requirements! For details, please call: 021-55380043 , sale @ elemix.cn.
The application of sand mills has been very extensive. With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, sand mills also have great technical updates and innovations to meet the needs of different users.
There are three major factors in the efficiency of the mill. That is, the three major factors that affect the work of the sand mill are: the three main influencing factors of the speed of the stirring shaft, the temperature of the cooling water, and the grinding medium.
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