EDW series metal rod pin type nano sand mill
Outstanding grinding performance comes from the unique design concept of the bead mill. Paints: automotive paints, top coats, wood paints, industrial paints and other inks: gravure inks, UV light curing, inkjet printing inks, color pastes, colorants, carbon inks, phthalocyanine blue, hard yellow, titanium dioxide pigments, dye , Painted, pen liquid, watercolor electronic materials, battery separator alumina, lithium iron phosphate battery, ceramic slurry chocolate slurry, pesticide suspension, biomedicine, cosmetics, microbial functional materials nano materials, metal oxides, magnetic materials, paper industry Photoelectric industry
EBW series horizontal sand mill--disc
Features: 1. Suitable for large-scale continuous production. 2. Ideal equipment for grinding fluid slurry in paint, coating, ink, electronics, ceramic materials and other industries. 3. The high abrasion-resistant inner cavity does not cause pollution to the materials while increasing the life of the equipment. 4. Large-area tubular separator is adopted to greatly increase the filtering area and ensure the smoothness of high-viscosity materials. 5. The production accuracy of the whole machine is high. High-power models include 100L \ 200L \ 300L, etc.
ENW Turbo Nano Mill
ENW-ELE Full ceramic pin-type bead mill ENW-ELE is a high-efficiency equipment in wet grinding machine. The optimized design of its acceleration wheel gives the bead in the grinding chamber more Large kinetic energy, meanwhile, the distribution of grinding beads is more uniform, and the fineness distribution is narrower. The high-efficiency and ultra-refined performance of this model is the ideal machine for current users of packaging inks, color pastes, automotive finishes, nanomaterials, electronic materials, etc ...
EDW-Ceramic Rod Pin Horizontal Sand Mill
All ceramic rod pin sander, this model is an international cutting-edge wet grinding machine, designed and developed for the ultra-fine grinding of high cleanliness without metal contaminants. Not only from Yiler's own outstanding processing technology, but also from the strict control of the quality of raw materials ...
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