EGV V-type Rotary Mixer
Product summary: V-type rotary mixer comprises the vessel welded by two cylinders welded in V-type form. And the shape of the vessel is relative but not asymmetrical to the shaft.
EWJ Ribbon Mixer
Product summary: The horizontal ribbon mixer is widely used in industrial production like Powder Coating, Dry Mortar, Amuscular, and Thermal Insulation Materials, etc.
EGL Plough Mixer
Product summary: The blender/mixer consists of transmission mechanism, horizontal cylinder, coulter and flying cutter.It can apply to much mix of solid and liquid and some compound process.
EGZ Dual-Shaft Paddle Mixer
Product summary: Non-gravity dual-shaft paddle mixer features fierce, high efficiency, short mix time. Two agitating axes reversely rotate at the same speed within horizontal cylinder.
EGP Single-shaft Paddle Mixer
Product summary: EGP series Single-shaft Paddle Mixer become the optimized products based on EGZ Non-gravity Double Shafts Paddle Mixer & EGL Plough Mixer.
EGS Nauta Mixer
Product summary: It is widely used for putty and sand, dyestuff and pigment, battery materials, pharmaceutical, food, chemical industrial, etc.
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